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Handprint Calendar

This is a great gift for children and providers to make for parents or grandparents as a Christmas present. All of these are also great as individual projects you can do throughout the year.

Cover page
Center the child’s handprint in any color. Write the words “This is my hand that you used to hold, when I was only ____ years old.”


Use blue paper. Make one white handprint and then turn each finger into five little snowmen drawing on eyes, carrot nose, buttons, and a black hat. Optional, write "Let it snow" on top of the page.


Use pink paper. Use both left and right hands so you dont have a thumb on the outside of the heart as I did in this picture. Make two red handprints holding fingers close together - fingertips point downward and palms make curves of heart. Optional- write “Be Mine” or Be my Valentine.

If you like, penguins can be used for any winter month. Paint a white circle in the center of the palm and the rest of the hand black. When dry glue on eyes and beak cut from construction paper.

Use light green paper. Make three green handprints in a shamrock shape. Fingertips overlap and palms make the rounded sides of the leaves. Make three thumbprints for the stem.

Another idea that I like for March is to use white paper, color each finger a different color - R, O, Y, G, B, and then create a rainbow with the hand stamped in an arch across the page.

Use purple paper. Paint child’s hands and fingers white but do not paint the thumb. Separate the fingers so that two fingers are on each side to make the bunny ears. Paint on eyes, nose, whiskers, and mouth when dry.
Remember to check when Easter falls in the year you create your calendar for. Sometimes Easter falls in March instead of April so adjust the month accordingly.


Use white paper. Make two handprints side by side in any color you would like your flowers to be. When dry draw stems and leaves with a green marker.


Paint gold handprints around in a large circle. Alternativly you can use yellow paint and sprinkle on gold glitter while still wet. Optional- write the words “You are my Sunshine”

Use these cute little fish for an alternate in any summer month.

Use blue construction paper. Use the childs LEFT hand. Paint a dark blue rectangle on half of the palm opposite the thumb. Starting with the pinkie, paint a red stripe and then a white strip on the next finger, red on the next finger and palm, then white, then red on the thumb. When dry paint on white stars with a toothpick dipped in paint. Optional- write the words “You’re a grand old flag”


Use white paper. Paint hand omitting the middle two fingers, this will be the caterpillar’s head and antenna. Make the body and legs with four more upside down handprints.

Other ideas for August....Butterflies.

Paint childs entire hand and part of arm brown for the tree trunk. When dry use a sponge to make green leaves. When leaves are dry make red fingerprint apples on the tree.

Use orange paper. Paint one white upside down handprint for a ghost. When dry add two black eyes and mouth with a marker Two black handprints with no thumbs palm to palm make a spider. When the spider is dry paint on two white dots for eyes and when that is dry make two black dots with marker inside the white dots for eyeballs. Make a black line up to the top of the paper for a web coming down from the spider. Optional- write “Trick or Treat!”

Use beige or white paper. Paint palm and thumb brown. Paint each finger a different feather color, orange, red, green, yellow and stamp hand with fingers spread apart. If the child will let you hold his hand still I like to smear each finger back and forth a bit to create a feathered look. When dry add a black eye, orange beak and feet, and red wattle. Optional write “gobble, gobble, gobble”

Use green paper. Paint fingers white for beard. Paint palm skin color (mix a little orange or brown into white until you get the desired skin color). Paint top of hand and thumb red for hat. Stamp with thumb out and fingers slightly together, pointing to the bottom of the paper. When dry add face and white dot on the end of the hat. Optional- write HO HO HO! or Merry Christmas or both.

Non Holiday Handprint Calendar

I use Print Shop to make up each month’s calendar, which is great because I can type in my holidays, closed days, and special days that I have planned. I take a picture of each child and put it on their birthday. Very cute! If you don’t have a computer program to make your own, just make some copies off of a regular calendar.


You can have them done at an office supply for about $1 each or you may be able to do it yourself very simply for free at some office supply stores, teacher resource center, or school media center. You will need to purchase your own spines. I finally bought my own machine for about $100 a couple years ago.

Painting Tips

Plan ahead! Do same colors such as Jan Snowflake, October’s ghost, and the April bunny all at once as they all require white. Start with the bunny since you don’t paint the thumb. With a just a little planning you can do the same for several months and really save a lot of paint and time washing up.

Infants are difficult if not impossible to do the months that require more than one color per handprint (such as the turkey). I was able to do my 1 yo’s by doing each color one portion at a time and letting it dry between stamping other colors. Another trick I use for infants is to set a cheerio or small toy on the paper near where I want the handprint after painting the hand. When the child reaches for it I quickly stamp his hand on the paper.

If there is more than one child in a family then I just make two (or however many) hearts, bunnies, etc. on each page. They look very sweet with one small handprint next to the older siblings larger one.

For my own calendar I use a different child for each month and use it above my sign in sheet. Looks very cute in my playroom and really comes in handy.

Submit Crafts & Activities
Since I do this every year I am always looking for new ideas to make it a little different, so if anyone has any handprint ideas I don't have listed here I would appreciate an email with directions. If you would like to share your craft projects, ideas, or child related articles please send them to:

with your name(optional) so that we can give you proper credit.
If you have images to go with your submission, please attach them to the same email.

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