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Non Holiday Handprint Calendar

Cover page

Center the child’s handprint in any color. Write the words “This is my hand that you used to hold, when I was only ____ years old.”


Penguins can be used for any winter month. Paint a white circle in the center of the palm and the rest of the hand black. When dry glue on eyes and beak cut from construction paper.


Two black handprints with no thumbs palm to palm make a spider. When the spider is dry paint on two white dots for eyes and when that is dry make two black dots with marker inside the white dots for eyeballs. Make a black line up to the top of the paper for a web coming down from the spider.

Butterflies can be used for any spring month.


Use white paper. Make two handprints side by side in any color you would like your flowers to be. When dry draw stems and leaves with a green marker.


Use pink paper. Use BOTH left and right hands Make two red handprints holding fingers close together - fingertips point downward and palms make curves of heart.


Paint each finger a different color - R, O, Y, G, B, and then create a rainbow with the hand stamped in an arch across the page.

Use these cute little fish for an alternate in any month.


Paint gold handprints around in a large circle. Alternativly you can use yellow paint and sprinkle on gold glitter while still wet. Optional- write the words “You are my Sunshine”


Use white paper. Paint hand omitting the middle two fingers, this will be the caterpillar’s head and antenna. Make the body and legs with four more upside down handprints.

Use purple paper. Paint child’s hands and fingers white but do not paint the thumb. Separate the fingers so that two fingers are on each side to make the bunny ears. Paint on eyes, nose, whiskers, and mouth when dry. (Yes I know this says Happy Easter, omit this for non holiday calendars)

Paint childs entire hand and part of arm brown for the tree trunk. When dry use a sponge to make green leaves. When leaves are dry make red fingerprint apples on the tree. If you like you can use fall colors for leaves instead of apples.

Use blue paper. Make one white handprint and then turn each finger into five little snowmen drawing on eyes, carrot nose, buttons, and a black hat. Optional, write "Let it snow" on top of the page.

Finishing & Handprint Calendar With Holidays

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