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Christmas Crafts and Activities

Christmas Trees

Decorate a tree shape with sequins, cutouts, shapes or anything you have on hand. We used metallic shiny shapes and covered them in contact paper since they tend to flake off and make a mess if we dont.

Christmas Cards

Recycle your last year’s Christmas cards! Cut off the front cover of your old Christmas cards. Have the child sign his name on the back and write the name of the person he wants to give it to. Punch holes all around the border and give the child a strip of curling ribbon to lace all around.

Christmas Collage

Recycle your leftover scraps of wrapping paper. Give each child a small piece and encourage them to cut out the pictures and make a collage on a piece of construction paper. Older children can make a little Christmas scene if you have a lot of different types for variety.


We purchased these wooden photo frames at Discount School Supply. They are very reasonably priced and there are many ways to decorate them.

Santa Handprint Ornament

Use green paper. Paint fingers white for beard. Paint palm skin color (mix a little orange or brown into white until you get the desired skin color). Paint top of hand and thumb red for hat. Stamp with thumb out and fingers slightly together, pointing to the bottom of the paper. When dry add face and white dot on the end of the hat. Optional- Laminate, punch a hole at the top and hang on your Christmas tree!

Rudolf The Rednosed Reindeer

Make simple reindeer hats with a red nose. Play the song, dance, and sing!

Gingerbread Cookie Ornament

Cut a Gingerbread cookie out of sandpaper. Scrape across and all over with a cinnamon stick to make it smell nice. Decorate with eyes, glitter, or whatever you have on hand. Use scalloped edge scissors to make strips with white construction paper for the icing decoration.

Rudolf Ornament

We have'nt made these in quite a while but here is one that is still hanging on my tree every year. Paint popcicle sticks brown and glue into the triangle shape as shown. Add eyes, glitter or sequin nose, and felt mistletoe leaves at the antlers.

Hanging Christmas Trees

Draw a large triangle sectioned off for each child to cut into strips. Children tape to a strip of yarn and decorate

Snowmen Handprint

Use blue paper. Make one white handprint and then turn each finger into little snowmen drawing on eyes, carrot nose, buttons, and a black hat.

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