In our program we are delighted to have a computer as a learning tool for the children.  Here are some of the things children learn when they use computers:

  • To be comfortable with technology
  • Beginning reading and writing skills
  • Math skills and concepts such as counting and numerical relationships
  • How to express themselves creatively
  • How to solve problems and begin to do research

We encourage children to work at the computer in pairs or small groups.  

This helps them learn from each other and develops their sovial skills at the same time.  While the children are working at the computer, we ask them questions to help them think about what they’re doing:

“What made you decide to choose this program to work on?”

“How can we use the computer to send a copy of your painting to your grandparents?” 

“What happens when you click on the red circle?”

By working with children in these ways, we not only encourage their growth and development but also help prepare them for a future in which they will need to know how to work with computers. 

What You Can Do At Home

You may or may not have a computer in your home.  It is certainly not necessary that you do for your child to benefit from our program’s Computer Area.  If you do have a home computer and would like to know some things that you can do with your child, please ask.  We will be glad to provide you with assistance, including how to judge which programs and Internet sites are appropriate for use with young children.  We have some good information on this topic that we’d like to share with you. 



Adapted from “The Creative Curriculum” for Preschool” ®

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