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Parent/Provider Agreement

The following agreement is made between Sheril Vinaja

And Parent___________________________
home ph___________________work ph____________________ Home address______________________________________________________

And Parent___________________________
home ph______________work ph_________________________
Home address______________________________________________________

For the care of: Child's name / date(s) of birth




Care will normally begin and end on the following  Mon.___________________Tue.______________________Wed.___________________

1. The charge, per child is computed as follows,
Ages 0-2 $150 Week, PT $35 day.
Ages 2 & up $145 Week, PT $35 Day,

 Based on your scheduled days of care, your fee will be $_______________per week

2. Payment obligation is based on the hours you agree to use child care, not on actual hours of attendance. Payment is due if you have agreed to use blocks of time whether or not the child actually attends during those hours. This will include the child’s holidays and sick days that fall on regularly scheduled days of care.
3. A fee of $35.00 will be charged for any returned checks and payment will be considered late. A late fee of $10 per day will be charged for payment not received by the Monday prior to care. When fees are not current, children may not be admitted and normal charges will accrue while children are excluded.
4. If you are participating in a subsidized child care payment program, by signing this agreement, you are financially responsible for all fees incurred by you if for any reason I do not receive payment and I expect payment within the month after service.
5. In the event this account becomes delinquent, you agree to pay any and all costs of collection, including attorney fees and court costs plus interest of the unpaid balance of this account at the rate of 1.5% per month (18%) annual rate.
6. Two weeks written notice or two weeks pay is required before removing your child/children from child care.
7. Sheril Vinaja reserves the right to terminate this agreement with no notice for violations of child care rules and policies listed in the parent handbook.

I agree to enroll my child/children in Ceres Child Care & Preschool beginning on____________________. I agree to the terms described in the payment agreement above. The provider may amend this agreement by giving the parent(s) a copy of the new or changed agreement at least 2 weeks before they go into effect.

Mother/legal guardian's signature _____________________________________Date_____________

Father/legal guardian's signature______________________________________Date_____________

If the parent is under 18 yrs of age, a co-signer must sign this agreement and act as guarantor to the contract and agree to be bound by all financial terms. Co-Signers signature_________________________________________________Date_____________

Accepted by Caregiver_______________________________________________ Date_____________


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