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Dental Health Crafts and Activities

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Tooth Mobile

This is a cute little mobile for children to hang up as a reminder to brush teeth. Best printed on cardstock. From Shelly Lovett at childcareland.com Email me for pattern.

Teeth Brushing Chart

There are a number of these kinds of charts available online. I got this one from Colgate which is also a hidden picture coloring sheet... Brush With the Animals

Printable Illustrated Poster from Colgate How to Brush and Floss

Make your Teeth SPARKLE Hat

Cut out teeth and glue to a band made from construction paper. Use a toothbrush to spread clear glitter glue on the teeth. (email me for printable)

Colgate Bright Smiles Bright Futures

We always watch this short video during our Dental Health Week. The kids really like it. Educators can sign up to recieve materials from Colgate which includes this video on dvd but it is also available online. Dr Rabbit & the Tooth Kingdom

How to Have a Healthy Smile

Cut out pictures from magazines or newspaper store ads. Find an assortment of pictures of toothebrushes, floss, healthy snacks, bottled water as well as a few "sometimes foods such as, soda, candy, etc. Give each child a piece of paper and write on the top "How to have a healthy smile". Help children select the correct items to glue on to their paper.

Group Time Activity - Healthy Snacking Maze

Healthy Snacking Maze

Print out this maze.
Starting at the first box ask children whether the item pictured is a healthy snack or a "only sometimes" snack. Continue until you get to the finish.
Healthy Snacks Maze

Fun Dental Health Videos to Watch

Tooth Brushing For Kids - Crawford the Cat

How to Brush Your Teeth Properly

Dentist Visit (Elmos World)

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