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Fire Safety Craft Projects & Activities

Sesame Street Fire Safety Station

For our fire safety unit each year we use this wonderful booklet from the U.S. Fire Administration. It uses Sesame Street characters to teach about fire saftey with great activities, puppet skits, crafts, and songs.

Teachers and home schools are eligible to request one here....
Sesame Street Fire Safety Booklet

In the meantime here are the instructions for several of the activities we did this year.

Stop, Drop, & Roll

We used the puppet skit from the booklet using a regular boy and girl puppet that we have in our playroom instead of the reproducibles provided. The kids love the skits and this one is easy to adapt to using your own puppets! Afterwards we listened to the song and practiced stop, drop, and roll using a flame cut from red felt. We also colored the sheet showing Cookie Monster from the color and learn booklet.

This booklet is available to download here... Sesame Street Fire Safety Color and Learn Booklet PDF

Flame painting with marbles

Make a white construction paper flame for each child in your class. Put the paper flame in a box lid. Spoon out one to three small blobs of paint. By tilting the lid slightly the marbles will roll around through the paint and make flame designs. To increase the color blending add a few more spoonfuls of paint. Children can take their flame home to practice Stop, Drop, and Roll with their families.

Fire Painting

Using red and orange tempera paint squirt or draw thick lines on white paper. Randomly add a few drops of black paint. Press clear plastic wrap on the paper and squeegee the paint around. This will make the paint look like a fire. When the paint is dry have the students glue on a cutout of a house with cuts for the windows and doors. We used the last page of the Color and Learn booklet that shows elmo and the firefighter and glued them next to the house on fire. You could also print the graphics below to place next to the burning house.

Call 911

Print a phone for each child to color (link below). Talk about appropriate and inappropriate times to call 911 and then have the children practice "dialing" the numbers on their phones.
Phone coloring sheet here... Telephone Practice Coloring Sheet from DLTK

Escape Route

Make up a floor plan of a house. I made this one with felt many years ago but you can just use a large peice of paper. Show the children where all the exits are (doors and windows). Place a small figurine of a person in a room and then place a small flame somewhere else on the floorplan. Practice different escape routes with the floorplan and then use a larger flame and practice throughout the house. Let the children take turns placing the flame somewhere in the house and then decide the best escape route from different rooms as a group. Bring along a toy phone and let the children take turns calling 911 when you get outside.

Our Own Firefighter

In actual fire situations, children are often known to run and hide from firefighters. This activity is to help lessen children's fears in this regard. Choose a volunteer to lie on a piece of easel paper and draw his outline. As a group, use construction paper to make a hat, belt, and boots to glue onto the shape. Color the rest of the body red. Draw a face and give him a friendly name. Talk about the special gear that firefighters need to wear for protection then create a mask and oxygen tank and let the children take turns placing it over their firefighter's face. Hang up your firefighter somewhere in the classroom. (Just for fun we also traced our puppy and made a dalmation).

Group Time Activity

Firefighter Countdown

Five Little Firefighters

Print these graphics onto cardstock ( 5 firefighters 1 Firetruck), attach a peice of velcro to the back and use for this countdown activity.

Five little firefighters standing in a row.
Ring goes the bell... Down the pole one goes.
(Remove one and place on firetruck.)
How many are left?
(Repeat until none are left.)

They jumped on the firetruck and put out the fires.
Now they're back home..., but they sure are tired.

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