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Gardening and Flowers Crafts and Activities

Bean Sprouting

Dip a cotton ball into water and place it into a small ziplock bag. Add a few beans (pinto, lima, or other large bean). Seal and tape up on a window where it will get some sun. This one took just 3 days to sprout.

Our Little Garden

Each child has their own plot in which we planted a bit of each type of seeds, lettuce, carrots, radish, zucchini, and a sunflower. It is nice because each child can be responsible for their own little plot but next time I think we might try planting each type separately in each plot and just have it be a group effort

Flower Planting!
We planted marigolds in peat pots and they are getting ready to bloom!

Painted Flower Pots!

Children paint fingerprints with red, yellow, and blue with acrylic paint. Use a sharpie to add eyes, antenae, etc. to make them into ladybugs, bees, spider, and caterpillar. Spray with clear acrylic paint.

Paper Flower Garden
Trace a circle on several different colors of paper. Have children practice cutting on a curve by cutting them out. Have the children snip along the edges of the circles and then glue them onto paper. Add a circle in the center of each flower, stems, and leaves. If they cut them in halves or pieces just have them glue on top of the stems!

Handprint Flowers
Paint child's hand and print around in a circle as pictured. Add a few red fingerprints to make into ladybugs. When dry, cut it out, glue a circle into the middle of the flower and glue onto a stem and leaves.

Flower Prints

Arrange flowers on water color paper. Cover the flower with several paper towels. Supervise kids as they hit the flowers with a child sized hammer. As the children hit the flowers, their colors will make prints on the paper. Peel flower off of the water color paper and the flower print is complete.

Grasshair Egg Heads

Crack off the tip of an egg and wash out. Draw on a little face. Fill with soil and place a teaspoon of grass seed on top. Water for several days until grass sprouts. The grass will grow for a long time as long as the soil is kept moist. When the grass grows long children can give their little guys a haircut and it will grow back again and again.

More Grass Head Guys

Directions here... directions for grass head guys from diynetwork.com

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