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Insect Crafts & Activities

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Fingerprint Insects

Invite children to make finger print insects using different colored inks or paint. When dry add legs, wings, eyes, antennae with markers. Get the mason jar printable here...
Mason Jar Printables

More Fingerprint Insects
These fingerprint insects look adorable on just about anything. We've used them to decorate both clay pots and scrap kitchen tiles for sweet Mothers Day gifts.

Thumbprint Bees and Honeycomb
We learned about bees and honeycomb and then made our own honeycomb out of cereal and painted the bees with our thumbs.

Oval Ants
Cut 3 ovals in 3 sizes, glue together, add 2 antenae,and six legs. We used these at circle time and sang along with the song "The Ants go Marching", and "The Wiggles" "Little Brown Ant".

Circle Caterpillars

Make caterpillars out of circles and triangles

Caterpillar Names

Have children cut several circles out of construction paper. On each circle, write one letter of the child's name. Mix up the circles and let the children practice spelling their names. Glue in place onto construction paper to create a caterpillar.


Use a 3 inch strip of construction paper. Add a few black stripes and eyes. Cut wings from grey or white. Staple into a circle with wings and a string on top.

"Bb" is for Butterfly
We made these handprint butterflies on construction paper, cut them out and glued to a craft stick to make a puppet.

Blotter Butterfly
Fold a piece of construction paper in half. Open and drip paint drops on one side. Children can use a spoon or drip strait from the bottle. Use at least 3 colors. Fold paper back over and rub all over to spread out the paint. Open and let dry. Add butterfly features.

Paper Plate Ladybug

Paint a paper plate red. When dry fingerpaint black spots. For the older kids I stapled a black sheet of construction paper with added head and legs. I drew on a head with a black marker for the little ones who are still in the ripping up projects stage as you can see in the picture.

Fingerprint Ladybugs

Ladybug Hats

Give children a red oval to cut out. Add head shape, dots, and wiggle eyes. Glue or staple onto a hat band.

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