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Letter "Cc" Recognition Craft Projects & Activities

We spend one week reinforcing each letter with crafts and activities after it is introduced.
Schedule of Activities

"C" is for Car
Paint a paper plate (the color of child's choice). When dry fold in half and staple at the top. Add windows and wheels on both sides. I printed up a sheet of small pictures of the children in our class and let the children choose who they wanted to drive with them in their car.

"C" is for Cars - Palm Print Cars
Paint palm of child's hand and stamp on construction paper to make these cute little cars. We used a small circle sponge to make the black wheels but you could also draw them after the paint has dried.

"Cc" is for Cat

We do this letter during October so we made black cats but you can make them any color. Email me if you want the pattern and I will send it to you.

"C" is for Candy - Candy Corn Man
Trace orange triange shapes for children to cut. Add a yellow section on the bottom and a white tip on top to resemble a piece of candy corn. (looks like we were out of yellow when we made these last year and we improvised) Draw on a face and add arms and legs.

"C" is for Camera
Cover small juice boxes with construction paper and decorate to make a pretend camera. Use for the activity below.

Alphabet Collage Books

During the school year we will make a page for every letter, number, shape, and color we are learning. Each week children will put their new collage pages into a binder kept at home. Parents are encouraged to use the binder to review the pages with their child regularly. At the end of the year the children will have a nice memento of their preschool year as well a a complete alphabet, number, color, and shape book.
"Cc" is for Crayons Collage


Print the Letter Page:

Letter C Template

Color the Letter. Glue on crayon shapes cut from different colored construction paper as shown.
More Collage Ideas for Letter Cc


Candy Wrappers


Coin Rubbings

Magazine Cutouts or Stickers

Blank Letter Template:

Blank Letter C
Letter C Sponge Painting
For our sponge painted collage we use light colored construction paper. These Alphabet and misc. sponges are available from school supply stores, hobby stores, $1 store, or Walmart. Cut down the construction paper if you want to put them into a binder.

Group Time Activity

Click the Camera
Cut out lots of pictures from old magazines, some that begin with the letter C and some that do not. Write the word Camera, explaining that camera begins with the letter C. Demonstrate how to hold up your hands to your face and "click" an imaginary camera. If possible, use an inexpensive camera. Then distribute the magazine pictures among the group. Ask children to "click" their cameras at the pictures that begin with the letter C. After a few minutes, ask each group to hold up their C pictures and say the names of the objects.

C Snacks

Bring out a variety of snacks that begin with the letter C such as crackers, cucumber slices, carrot sticks, cranberry juice, corn bread, cookies, etc. Label each food with an index card and invite children to identify the letter C in each word. Then enjoy the feast!

Submit Crafts and Activities
If you would like to share your craft projects, ideas, or child related articles please send them to:
with your name(optional) so that we can give you proper credit.
If you have images to go with your submission, please attach them to the same email.
Here's a picture of the cat project someone sent in to share.
These were made in their playgroup. Aren't they adorable?

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Schedule of Activities

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