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Ceres Childcare & Preschool Home Page!

Letter "Ee" Recognition Craft Projects & Activities

We spend one week reinforcing each letter with crafts and activities.
Schedule of Activities

"Ee" is for Eggs

Draw a nest shape on the bottom of a sheet of construction paper. Give children a length of brown yarn and let them cut it up and glue inside the nest shape. Glue some egg shapes into the nest. Form the mama bird with a few feathers, eyes, and a beak as shown.

Alphabet Collage Books

During the school year we will make a page for every letter, number, shape, and color we are learning. Each week children will put their new collage pages into a binder kept at home. Parents are encouraged to use the binder to review the pages with their child regularly. At the end of the year the children will have a nice memento of their preschool year as well a a complete alphabet, number, color, and shape book.
"E" is for Easter Eggs Collage


Print the Letter Page:

Letter E Template

Give Children egg shapes to decorate as Easter Eggs.

Cut out and glue all over the page
More Collage Ideas for Letter E

Eyes - we used these sticker eyes but you could also glue on google eyes, draw them on or cut them out of magazines

*Use stickers, a paper cutter, or find things in magazines that start with E.


Blank Letter Template:

Blank Letter E

"Ee" is for Elbow

*This idea comes from Jennifer R. Hermann - Beecher Head Start:
One activity my kids absolutely love to do is paint the letter Ee with their ELBOW!!! I have little plates with paint and they dip their elbow into it and lean over and paint their letter. They think it’s hilarious and it teaches them a body part. At the age of three, a lot of kids think that their elbows are called “knees”, so this activity helps!

Letter E Sponge Painting
For our sponge painted collage we use light colored construction paper. These Alphabet and misc. sponges are available from school supply stores, hobby stores, $1 store, or Walmart. Cut down the construction paper if you want to put them into a binder.

Group Time Activity

E Envelope Books

Invite children to make their own E envelope books. Give each child five envelopes stapled together on the left like book pages. Write Ee on the first envelope of each book. Ask children to take home their empty envelope and bring them back filled with pictures (cut out or drawn) of objects that begin with the letter e. (They can also cut words from magazines and newspapers.) Send home a note to parents explaining the assignment and enlisting their help. Encourage children to share their books with the class.

E is for Enormous Elephant Ears
Make enormous elephant ears. Using three or four sheets of gray construction paper make a hat with enormous elephant ears. First use one or two sheets to make the head band. Fold the paper in half the long way a couple of times to make it stronger. Measure the hat size on the child's head. Staple to secure the hat band in place. Use an entire sheet for each of two fan shaped elephant ears. Attach them to the side of the hat band.

E inside?
Label several large plastic eggs with the letter E. Inside each egg, place a picture of something that begins with e, such as an elephant, egg, eel, or elk. Put all the eggs in a basket. Have children sit in a circle and place the basket in the middle. Ask children to take turns selecting an egg from the basket, opening it, and naming the picture inside.

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Schedule of Activities

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