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Letter "Ff" Recognition Craft Projects & Activities

We spend one week reinforcing each letter with crafts and activities.
Schedule of Activities

"Ff" is for Frog
Instructions:These frog crafts we made without a pattern I just made the general shapes as shown for children to cut and assemble. Children cut shapes from construction paper as shown. Stamp or print the letter Ff on the back to reinforce the letter as children play with their frogs ask them to name the letter.

Frog Puppet

Affix a craft stick to the back to make the frog into a puppet

Frog Hats

Rough Pattern For the Frog Hat

"Ff" is for Fish.

You need the kind of Art Tissue Paper that bleeds color for this. Some do and some dont so check your package or test yours first. Give children a paint brush and water to dampen their paper fish shape. Stick tissue all over, remove when dry or when the tissue has bled out.

Paper Plate Fish.

Cut a triangle out of a paper plate and staple it to the plate to make the tail (see picture). Decorate with tissue and add eyes.

My Fingerprints
Here is a great website with an activity for children to learn about fingerprints. Although it says that it is meant for children aged 6-7 it is pretty simple and I knew my preschoolers would enjoy simply making fingerprints on the worksheet. The instructions say to use crayons and tape but that didn't work for us so we just used inkpads. When we were finished making fingerprints on the hand shapes we made a few more and used markers to turn them into little people.

My Fingerprints

"Ff" is for Flowers Collage.

We used a flower shaped paper cutter to make these colored flowers but if you dont have one use flowers cut from magazines or store newspaper ads.

Other ideas for collaging with letter Ff,


Face - children draw a face with eyes, nose, mouth.

Family - Ask children to draw a picture of their families. Don't all children LOVE to do this!


Get The letter Ff Template here...
First-School Letter Ff page

Carl's Corner Letter F - This comes with a sheet to color, cut, and paste to the letter.

Letter F Sponge Painting
Invest in some Alphabet and misc. sponges for crafts like this, available from school supply stores. You can sometimes find them at hobby stores, $1 store, or Walmart. We use ours to make a page like this for every letter we are learning from September through May. Parents are encouraged to take them home and post them where the child can see and practice every day. When we finish the entire alphabet they can make them into a book or put them into a binder (You will need to cut down the construction paper if you want to put them into a binder.

Group Time Activity

Fishing for F
Cut out several fish shapes from construction paper. Then glue a picture of an object to each fish, some with names that begin with f, and some that do not. Attach a paper clip to each fish. Then make a "fishing pole" by tying a length of string to a yardstick or other long stick. Tie a small magnet to the end of the string. Tell children to play a fishing game with a partner. If they "catch" a fish with a picture that begins with f, they keep it. If the object does not begin with f, they must throw it back.

Finger Painting Fish
Give children large fish shaped finger paint paper. Remind them that the word fish begins with the sound f. Ask them to hold up their painting fingers and repeat the word finger. Tell them that this word also begins with the sound f. Then have them finger paint their fish with bright colors. After the fish are dry invite children to use capital and lowercasd f cutouts or paint stamp their fish. Display children's fish on a bulletin board titled Fantastic Fish.

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