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Ceres Childcare & Preschool Home Page!

Letter "Rr" Recognition Craft Projects & Activities

We spend one week reinforcing each letter with crafts and activities.
Schedule of Activities

"Rr" is for Robot

See ideas for using this craft as a group time activity at the bottom of this page titled Rectangle Robots

"Rr" is for Reindeer

We study the letter R in December so we make these cute little reindeer ornaments. Paint 3 popcicle sticks brown (for this one I used wood stain). When dry glue together to form the reindeer head as shown. Place a drop of glue on the bottom tip and sprinkle with red glitter or sequins for the nose. Add eyes and holly to the antlers. Tie on a ribbon to hang on the tree.

"Rr" is for Reindeer Hats

Make simple reindeer hats with a red nose. Play the song "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, dance, and sing!

"Rr" is for Raindrop

Cut raindrop shapes to glue to the letter.

Other ideas for collaging with letter Rr,
Rose Petals,
Draw Roses,
Ribbon rectangles": rectangular shapes of ribbon

Red - use red markers or crayons to color the letter

Glue precut shapes,

Get The letter Rr Template here...
First-School Letter Rr page

Carl's Corner Letter R - This comes with a sheet to color, cut, and paste to the letter.

Letter R Sponge Painting
Invest in some Alphabet and misc. sponges for crafts like this, available from school supply stores. You can sometimes find them at hobby stores, $1 store, or Walmart. We use ours to make a page like this for every letter we are learning from September through May. Parents are encouraged to take them home and post them where the child can see and practice every day. When we finish the entire alphabet they can make them into a book or put them into a binder (You will need to cut down the construction paper if you want to put them into a binder.

Group Time Activity

Rectangle Robots

See picture at the top of this page. Provide children with lots of different size, colorful construction paper rectangles. Write the word rectangle on the board. Have children read the word with you elongating the beginning r sound. Hold up a large rectangle so that children understand its shape (two short sides and two long sides). Then write the word robot on the board, pointin out that this word also begins with r. Have children create robots by gluing rectangles onto large sheets of construction paper. They can add details with crayons and markers. Ask them to think of one special thing their robots can do, such as wash the car or walk the dog. Help them write the phrase on the paper, using this sentence frame: My robot can _____. Display children's robots around the room.

Red Rubbings
Make red rubbings. Write the words "red rubbings" at the top of a page. Then collect things from around the house that are flat and place them under the paper. Rub with the side of a red crayon on top of the paper. This process will create a red image of the object. Suggested objects for red rubbings are stencils of the letter r, road (use the sidewalk and pretend it's a road), rice, or maybe a ruler. This would also be a good day to ride bikes and trikes on a pretend road.

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