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Mothers Day Projects

Cupcake Liner Daffodil Card

This looks really cute even without the child's picture.

Photo Shoot Handprint Plaque
Take your time and get lots of different poses of the child. Ask them to make different expressions or even use props such as flowers or sunglasses. For infants you can even take pictures of them crying or sleeping. Put in a frame or laminate
Place handprint in the center.

Pasta Popcicle Stick Frame
Glue popcicle sticks to make a frame. Paint, glue on colored pasta and place child's picture to the back.

I Love Mommy Card
Print large heart that says "I Love Mommy" and take child's picture holding it to insert into a card for Mommy.

Flowers for Mother
I have done this before where I let the kids paint them however they want and that is cute but this time I did their fingerprints with red, yellow, and blue and then used a sharpie to make them into ladybugs, bees, spider, and caterpillar. Clear spray them with arylic sealer inside and out

Flowers and Vase
We used acrylic paint to make the fingerprint flowers.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

(Sheril's Mom)

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