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Rainbow Craft Projects & Activities

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Indoor Rainbow
Use a mirror and a container of water to make a rainbow.
The site that I got instructions from (below) says to use a flashlight and a piece of cardboard but we just set our container where the sun could hit the mirror and I directed the reflection onto the wall. The children loved having the rainbow directed upon themselves.
Try this!
Make a Rainbow

Rainbow Streamers

Cut half of the middle out of a paper plate to form a handle. Decorate the handle with markers then glue a length of streamer in every color of the rainbow onto the bottom. When dry go outside and let the wind blow your rainbows.

Color Mixing Rainbow

Give each child a paper plate with a small amount of paint dropped on one red, two yellow, and two of blue. Demonstrate how to dip your finger or paintbrush into the red and draw an arch on a piece of paper. Direct children to dip their fingers into the yellow paint and mix with red to make orange paint and draw an arch below the red. Repeat with the yellow then show them how to mix the yellow with one of the blue drops of paint to make green and then use it to draw an arch under the yellow arch. You may need to add more drops of paint to allow for mixing and spreading. Draw an arch with remaining blue paint and them mix the rest of the blue with the red to make purple and make a final arch under the blue.

Rainbow Necklace

String Fruit Loops cereal to make this rainbow necklace.

Froot Loops Rainbow

Print one of these cereal sorting sheets for each child and use to sort colors of the rainbow. From KidsSoup.com
Rainbow Fruit Loops sorting pattern

Yarn Rainbow

Cut various lengths of yarn and glue to a sheet of paper to make a rainbow picture.

Rainbow Hats
We make these every year from makingfriends.com Very simple and cute!
Rainbow hat pattern

Rainbows, Leprechauns, and Pot of gold Collage
Practice cutting circles in each of the colors of the rainbow. Glue circles on top of each other. When dry cut in half. Use them to make this collage.

Hanging Rainbows
Make larger rainbows and glue a pot of gold at the end.

We study Rainbows in March so we can make them into St. Patrick's Day Decorations. Here are more ideas for Rainbow and St. Patrick's Day crafts and activities
St. Patrick's Day Crafts and Activities

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