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Astrology & Space Crafts & Activities

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Glue small stars onto a piece of black construction paper. When dry connect the stars by drawing lines from one to another with chalk. Look at the design you made and give your constellation a name.

Star Gazers

Paint an empty paper towel roll black. When dry decorate with small stars and cover one end with a square of black construction paper. Use a safety pin to poke holes into the construction paper. Hold up into the light and look at your stars!

Rocket to the Moon

Tape a printed picture of the earth to the middle of a wall. Tape a picture of a moon up at the top of an opposite wall. Thread a straw into a string and tape the string from the earth to the moon. Blow up a balloon and hold the end so the air doesn't come out and tape it to the straw. Count down from 10 and let go of the balloon so it can blast off to the moon!

Book of Space Words

Get this cute little book and more space printables here...


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