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Thanksgiving Projects & Activities

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Turkey Wreath

Cut out a turkey body and head shape and have the kids decorate with a small pilgrim hat, wiggle eyes, wattle, beak, and feet. Cut the middle out of a paper plate and let the children decorate with fall colored tissue. Glue the turkey to the wreath.

Big Handprint Turkeys
Paint your own hand brown (adult hand) and make a print for a turkey body in the center of a piece of white paper. Use children’s hands painted in different colors to print the turkey feathers. Great for bulletin boards or to use for countdown turkeys (below).

Fun Foam Turkey Handprint

These can also be done on construction paper. Paint palm and thumb brown. Paint each finger a different feather color, orange, red, green, yellow and stamp hand with fingers spread apart. If the child will let you hold his hand still I like to smear each finger back and forth a bit to create a feathered look. When dry add a black eye, orange beak and feet, and red wattle. Cut out, punch a hole in the top, and hang from a string.

Circle Time Thanksgiving Song

Download or listen here... Nancy Stewart

Cut out pictures of Thanksgiving food and people working in the ways depicted in the song to glue to cardstock pages. Flip the cards as children sing along to the song. Join hands together and then make the thank you sign along with the song.

I got the ASL "Thank You" graphic here...
American Sign Language
Right click on the black and white graphic and save to your computer, then print in full size.

Turkey Necklaces!

Use a small turky shape cut from cardstock let the children color them with fall colors. We used oil pastels for their bold color. Markers would work well also. Glue on some feathers and punch a hole. String fall colored pasta or cut straws with the little turkeys to make a thanksgiving necklace or wall hanging.

Paper Turkey
Here are a few different ideas for making paper turkeys. Cut out the shapes freehand and let children decorate. If you need help making the body a shoe works well. Another idea is to use a paper plate painted brown.

Group Time Activity

Circle Time Turkey Count Down

Make several Turkey handprints out of cardstock or construction paper and number them from one to five. Use them with the following rhyme at circle time. A velcro dot on the back will make them stick to a flannel board.

5 little turkeys were standing by a door
one saw some corn, and then there were four.
Run, Run, Run far away. Soon it will be Thanksgiving Day!

4 little turkeys flew up in a tree
one fell down and then there were three.
Run, Run, Run far away. Soon it will be Thanksgiving Day!

3 little turkeys gobbled as they do
a dog chased one and then there were two.
Run, Run, Run far away. Soon it will be Thanksgiving Day!

2 little turkeys strutting in the sun
the wind came along and then there was one.
Run, Run, Run far away. Soon it will be Thanksgiving Day!

1 little turkey saw a farmer come
He ran far away and then there was NONE!

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