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Valentines Day Craft Projects & Activities

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Heart Sun Catcher

Cut out an outline from a peice of construction paper folded in half. Unfold and lay a peice of contact paper over it. Have the child cover it with hearts. Put contact paper over the other side and cut out.

Heart Crown
Perfect for the Queens and Kings of hearts to wear to celebrate Valentines Day. Glue hearts onto two strips of red or white construction paper and staple together to fit the size of child's head. Staple or glue strips of red and white across the top. Children can glue hearts to these strips as well.

"Hh" is for Heart Hat
We study the letter H in February so we can make lots of heart crafts like this that double as Valentine's Day decorations.

Heart Mobile
Cut heart shapes from different sized and different colored hearts. Glue decorations on and hang from string or yarn.
Heart Pasta Necklace

Alternate red dyed rigatoni and construction paper hearts.

Heart Wreath

Cut out the center of a paper plate and decorate with hearts. Hang from a string.

Sponge paint with hearts!
Display as is or have children cut them out when dry. Use for decorating other projects or making valentines day cards.

Letter H Sponge Painting
Here are more ideas for letter H crafts and activities
Letter "H"

Valentine Mail Boxes
Wrap a tissue box in white paper just like you would wrap a gift. Make sure the hole is on the top and taped side down. Use a razor or sharp scissors to cut slits as shown and then fold and tape down into the hole.

Write each child's name on the sides in large letters and decorate with hearts.

Paper Plate Valentine Holders
Staple a paper plate cut in half to another paper plate. Decorate and use to sort and store Valentines.

V is for Valentine!

We study the letter V in February so we can make Valentines. Trace and cut out a handprint. Glue to a heart with middle two fingers glued down. Display as is or make them into a nice valentines day card. Here are more ideas for letter V crafts and activities
Letter "V"

Kisses and Hugs Card

This was our Valentines Day Card for the parents this year. They wrote X's and O's and talked about how X's are hugs and O's are for kisses. Cross your arms into an X and give yourself a hug. Make your mouth an O and kiss!

Peek a Boo Card

Directions here... Peekaboo Valentine card from familyfun.com

Valentine Collage
Cut out Valentine pictures and words from colorful newspaper store ads. Use to decorate a cardstock heart.

Group Time Activity

Six Big Valentines Felt Board Countdown

Six Big Valentines Felt Board Countdown

Six big valentines all in a line
I mailed one to a friend - then there were five. How many are left? (count)
Five big valentines from the corner drug store
I mailed one to a friend - then there were four. How many are left? (count)
Four big valentines, lovely ones to see
I mailed one to my Mommy - then there were three. How many are left? (count)
Three big valentines - red, shiny, and new
I mailed one to my Daddy - then there were two. How many are left? (count)
Two big valentines, the best is yet to come
I mailed one to Grandma - Then there was one. How many are left? (count)
One big valentine, the giving is almost done
I mailed it to Grandpa - and now there is none

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