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Winter Craft Projects & Activities

Handprint Penguins
We sometimes use this for our February handprint on our Handprint Calendar.
Paint a white circle in the center of the palm and the rest of the hand black. When dry glue on eyes and beak cut from construction paper. I tried to paint the eyes and beak on but it looked awful. Might look better with a different kind of paint, perhaps a bright poster paint, but it didnt work for me.

Construction Paper Penguins

Learning to cut on a curve is a Kindergarten readiness skill. Here's a circle cutting project that is great for this practice. Trace a small circle on black paper, a medium size circle on white paper, a large circle on black paper for children to cut out. Give them the wing shapes precut out of black paper,a small orange triangle folded in half for the beak, and orange feet shapes (just cut triangles or rectangles if you cant cut feet shapes. These look great with wiggle eyes. Instruct children in assembling the penguins if needed but let them place the wings and feet as they see fit. This creates a unique penguin for each child and an animated display to hang on your wall or buletin board.

Paper Plate Penguins

Color the rim of a paper plate black leaving the center white. For my younger children I taped a paper circle to the middle and removed it after they colored it. Glue on a circle for the head, wing shapes, a small orange triangle folded in half for the beak, and orange feet shapes (just cut triangles or rectangles if you can't cut feet shapes. For these we used sticker eyes.

Paper Snowmen
Another great project for scissor skills. Give children 3 white circles to cut out and glue onto a dark blue piece of construction paper. Decorate with a top hat, scarf, eyes, carrot nose, buttons, etc. Have children cut up white paper bits to make snow on the ground and all around. Dot the paper with glue and sprinkle some glitter for a glitzy snowy day.

There are many websites that give detailed instructions to make intricate paper snowflakes but most are much too difficult for preschool aged and younger children. We used regular white paper cut into a square and simply continued to fold diagonaly until it was the size that we knew the child would have success cutting through. Do not make the folds too thick for very young children. The children then made the cuts, opened, glued to a piece of blue construction paper, and painted with glitter glue. Lots of fun and simple.

Here is a good site for adults or much older children. Make some to encourage and impress your students and decorate your classroom. directions for paper snowflakes from highhopes.com

Snowflake Wind Streamer

For these we used the same technique as above using snowflakes fromchildcareland.com . Email me for the pattern or make your own snowflakes as described above. When dry glue strips of streamers to the back on the bottom of the paper. Roll paper into a tube and staple together. Tape a small piece of yarn for hanging.

3d Snow Scene
Snip packing peanuts into little bits and stick to glitter glue. We used the degradable kind like you get when you order from Discount School Supply. They stick together when wet. Use glue if you have the regular kind.

Gingerbread Activities
Here are some great gingerbread projects for winter months including our recipe for Run Away Gingerbread Cookies!.
Gingerbread Fun

"Ii" is for Ice Skates
We called these our Ice Skate Puppets. I just drew these freehand, cut out and had the kids glue them to a craft stick and lace up with yarn for some indoor ice skating and to reinforce our letter of the week. "Ii" is for Ice Skates.

"Ii" is for Igloo
Draw a rough outline of an igloo on blue construction paper. Encourage children to cut square shapes out of white construction paper and glue inside the igloo shape. Write "Ii" is for Igloo.

Group Time Activity

5 little Snowmen Felt Board Countdown

5 litle men made of snow
5 little snowmen standing in a row.
Out came the sun and stayed all day (place sun next to one snowman)
...and one little snowman melted away.
How many are left?(count)
Repeat until all snowmen have melted away!

This is also fun to have the children stand up and be the snowmen. Count them down as above. The teacher holds up a sun over each child's head and he will sit down when you say he "melted" away!

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