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Easter Craft Projects & Activities

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Bunny Bonnets

Cut out the middle of a paper plate except for about an inch or two. Cut up the middle of the circle to form the two ears. Fold them up and bend slightly so they stand straight. Give the children spring colored tissue to glue around the brim.

Confetti Eggs

Put your construction paper scraps through a paper shredder to get this nice confetti. Use it to glue to a big egg shape cut out of cardstock. These are our window display this year.

Handprint Baby Chick

Trace and cut two handprints for each child (Busy teachers - trace one and cut two sheets at a time, children usually cant cut something intricate like this. Have children cut out an oval shape and glue on some googly eyes, beak and legs. Glue to the handprints adding a yellow feather on each one.

Fingerprint Chicks
Make yellow fingerprints all over a sheet of construction paper. When dry add chick beaks, eyes, and feet.

Woven baskets

1. Take the first piece of paper and cut horizontal straight lines across about every half inch, leaving about one inch on each side
2. The paper should be covered from top to bottom with these slits
3. Next take the second piece of paper and cut 1/2 strips
4. Weave these strips in and out of the slits in the first paper
5. Glue the ends of the strips to the first sheet of paper
6. Fold up the sides to make a rectangle basket shape
7. Staple or glue in place
8. With the third sheet of paper cut out a handle, either staple or glue to basket.

Jellybean Bags

We decorated this bag with jellybean shapes to use for an egg hunt to put our Easter eggs into.

Group Time Activity

Easter Egg Felt Board Countdown

Six Little Easter Eggs
Six little Easter eggs In a basket did arrive
(child’s name) ate one Then there were five.
Five little Easter eggs, Lovely colors wore
(child’s name) ate one, Then there were four.
Four little Easter eggs, Two and two, you see;
(child’s name) ate one, Then there were three.
Three little Easter eggs, Before I knew,
(child’s name) ate one, Then there were two.
Two little Easter eggs, Oh, what fun!
(child’s name) ate one, Then there was one.
One little Easter egg, See me run!!!
(child’s name) ate the last one, And then there was none.

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